Make SEPA payments from your Ripple account.

Sorry, this service is on an extendend hiatus. You will not be able to make payments.
We charge
0.30 € fixed fee
+ 1% of amount

Daily limit per bank account: 500 €.
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How does it work?

You'll send us the money via Ripple, We will send the requested amount to the recipient you specified via a SEPA transfer.

The recipient will see given as the payment source. Consider putting your name in the text field.

We will generally process transfers immediately, and the rest is up to the banks.During initial testing, transfers are executed manually. At any time, you can check the status of your transfer on this page.

In case your transfer does not go through, you will be refunded your payment on Ripple, excluding the fee.


If Ripple gives you the error message "This address is not Ripple enabled", make sure that your IBAN and BIC are correct.

Notes on Security

Your transfer to the the bridge is public record as part of the Ripple ledger. The recipient information is only known to us.

As soon as we process your Ripple payment, the non-public data is removed from our servers; we'll hold on to it for a while on an offline system.

Who runs this?

My name is Michael Elsdörfer. I am also responsible for The source code behind this bridge is available on Github.